Caleb has a comprehensive range of phytochemicals and healthcare products produced using carefully-selected sustainable and natural resources.

Where possible we use organic raw materials, confirming Caleb’s commitment to minimising our impact on the environment, by supporting sustainable practices.

Our healthcare portfolio includes FDA compliant products and we are capable of shipping internationally at competitive prices. All products come with extensive product history and full scale independent medical trial data.

PLant extracts

With state of the art manufacturing facilities and full traceability of crops we are able to guarantee the highest standard of Plant-extracts. Our Phyto range is used extensively by supplements manufacturers. In recent years there has been a growing demand for Phyto extracts for the use in pharmaceutical, fitness, and food Supplement industries.

Many of our actives benefit from high bio-availability, through improved water-dispersiability.All of the products come with full medical trial data, for the benefit of our customers. We are always open for collaborating with customers to produce tailor-made formulations to meet their specific needs.

Health drinks



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Specialist food and drink

Caleb import fully certified cold-pressed organic avocado oil. We offer the option for the customer to import the product bottled and labelled for resale or in bulk for bottling locally under their own brand. Our avocado oil is a fully registered food grade but is also kosher and Halal. 


Caleb supplies Topicals to treat various skin conditions. A specialist dermatologically-developed bath salt with a 30 year+ track record of treating various skin conditions. The technology may help in alleviating the symptoms of several skin disorders.




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