Fireproof products

Building upon our knowledge in temperature resistant Resin systems, we have expanded our product range to include fireproof materials for the use in various applications where fire safety is paramount.

Our Fireproof and Vapour barrier products are used throughout the building and construction industries. 

We can provide transport directly from plant to customer, or from our distribution centres in the UK and the EU as per customer requirement.

Fireproof boards

Caleb offers a range of fireproof products with a Class A1 Fire Rating (products rated at  900°C and 1100°C).

Our vermiculite boards can be ordered in standard building panel sizes or pre-cut and shaped as per customer requirement. 






Fire Doors

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Vapour Barriers

 Fire-resistant materials often require an effective fireproof vapour barrier to protect against water ingress, corrosion and environmental damage.

We offer our customers various vapour barrier options, specifically developed for extreme temperature conditions. Cool 712 is a grafted co-polymer designed to reflect heat and repel water. Permanon PSI is a mono-silica based sealant suitable for commercial and industrial use. These products are A and A1 rated respectively.






Vapour Barriers

Fire Doors

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