For over 20 years, Caleb has been supplying world-class pigments and we aim to maintain the utmost quality and consistency.

Our pigments are produced from raw materials, with full traceability, from factories that utilise state of the art waste-water treatment processes. These are just some examples of Caleb’s commitment to sustainability, and our aim to minimise our impact on the environment.

Our pigments are, where needed, REACH registered. We can provide transport directly from plant to customer, or from our distribution centres in the UK and the EU as per customer requirement.

Inorganic pigments

We offer select Inorganic pigments including iron oxide and titanium dioxide at competitive prices. Great care is taken to maintain quality and consistency of the end product. 

Our Inorganic pigments are sourced from select producers with transparent environmetal policies. 




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Organic pigments

Caleb has an extensive, and well-established range of organic pigments backed by our experienced Quality Control and R&D teams. Our reputation for unmatched quality and price is reflected in our customer base which includes the worlds major ink and paint makers.

Our pigment portfolio contains market-leading products including: 


Blue 15.0

Blue 15.1

Blue 15.3

Blue 15.4

Violet 3

Violet 19

Violet 23

Violet 27 

Red 2      Red 48.2

Red 57.1   Red 112

Red 122   Red 146

Red 170   Red 177

Red 254

Orange 5

Orange 34

Yellow 183

Yellow 97

Green 7





Road Markings

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We offer an extensive range of high-quality Pearlescent Pigments from our world-leading manufacturing unit. 

Using synthetic mica produced onsite ensures utmost consistency and results in an ethically superior end product. This is just one example of Caleb’s commitment to socially responsibility.






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Food Colours

We stock a full range of natural and synthetic food colours suitable for various applications. Our highly experienced manufacturers offer products with utmost consistency in quality.

FDA certification can be provided, upon request, for products such as pharmaceuticals.




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